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To start, let's introduce a pod system to those who may not be familiar with it. If you're unfamiliar with the word, a pod system is a type of vape device that is very portable and uses vape pods rather than your typical atomizer. Even though an atomizer and a pod are essentially the same, pod systems have them specifically designed for the device to give you an amazingly small configuration. Since the advent of nicotine salts, pod systems—which have been available for a while—have been increasingly popular. Nicotine salts produce a mouth-to-lung vape that is noticeably smoother than its freebase equivalent. Which provides a more genuine "cigar-like" sensation. USAGE OF A POD SYSTEM/POD DEVICE? You put your pod in the machine, add liquid, and breathe it in. Most pod systems are draw-activated, meaning you don't need to push a button to start using them as a vaping device. You may draw or push a button to activate the Sceptre, depending on your preferences. If you

Best IT solution provider in Dubai



Netlogix, an IT solution provider having years of experience offers our customers every solution to their issues. Our skilled teams have a collective knowledge of the industry that gives us an edge in the market to resolve the customer challenges they face while growing day by day. 

Our target is to offer solutions to our clients that are beneficial for the current situation and coming future as well. We deliver the best services to our clients, promising the process, raising their capabilities, minimizing risk factors, and enhancing productivity in every aspect. We take complete care from designing, installing, and achieving future goals. 

Our goal is to carry out particular targets, demands, and requirements you face in streamlining your routine tasks. Our main focus is to make our partners stand out in the market competition. 

it solution company in dubai

Why choose Netlogix:

Our years of expertise in the IT industry and our trustworthy commitments make us stand out in this industry. Our complete team is highly experienced in technology. Our expert technicians offer solutions to every IT problem. 

What you can choose:

We are one of the dominant IT solutions and service providers in the UAE and the Middle East. Offering our comprehensive services in a complete range of networking solutions. We cover complete networking areas including Extra-low voltage, ICT solutions, Audio Visuals, cloud computing, Smart infrastructure, Hybrid IT, End-user Solution, and Engineering Solutions.

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Systems

Whenever any company expands, comprehensive data lines including networking operations and technology are required. To indulge your telecommunication, surveillance, and security interference, net logix offers you a cost-friendly and time-saving, and steady communication system. Either your company is one of the oil & gas sectors where the atmosphere is uncertain, our team of experts design and install the utmost ELV system. 



ICT (Information Communication Technology)



Our professional technicians offer Information and communication technology solutions and services that support our customers day to day routine operations. Assisting our customers to optimize their business and fulfill their targets. In ICT solutions we offer our guidelines in network security solutions, data center solutions, remote monitoring,  and network operations centres. 


Pioneering AV Solutions

As technology has modernized today, impacting every field. Audiovisual advancement has upgraded our way of communication. We are the creator of such advancement for your brands that are not only up to modern technology but are up to your prospect. Our professional teams of designers and technicians design a flawless user-friendly interface that is high in quality and easy to connect in any system.


Premier Cloud Services

Today cloud services have taken up the world’s data storage solutions to another level. We Netlogix are delighted to announce that we  had expertise in cloud services for years. We offer complete guidelines and system generation for cloud computing services, databases, servers, and networking software. 

Smart Infrastructure Services


It is an effective way of collaborating digital technology with smart material that enhances the way of daily infrastructures. Our advanced system of robotics and automation systems increases the efficiency of machines and integrative artificial intelligence. Offering you a better data collection system. 

Netlogix is one of the outstanding consultants and service providers in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. We inspect the proper challenges and requirements our customers have. And then after complete understanding and teamwork, we design the best unique smart infrastructure system. 


Smart Hybrid IT Services


An approach where organizations administrate Information technology resources in-house but control them through cloud-based services. It is a combination of data workloads, delivering apps through IT infrastructure and Hybrid clouds. 





End-User Solutions:



We deliver effective management systems with the main focus of enhancing companies' business and objectives. Our versatile system solutions offer complete business directions to achieve future goals. We are contented to be a trusted partner for end-user solution providers in every business range. 






Engineering Services


Including sites, we are well aware of the demand for IT infrastructure which includes cloud applications, scheduling, and project management. You can keep your complete data either on-site or in offices through our system. We have designed user-friendly software with advanced tools that make it feasible for your company to manage projects through sites or from your office. 


NETLOGIX provides the world's best networking solutions, Connectivity networking, and IT technology in UAE and the Middle East. We offer a smooth network with protection and economic rates. Our professionals collaborate with your company to offer complete data and protection systems including computer networking and IT attributes. 

We are glad to say that Netlogix is one of the best IT solution company in Dubai. Our extraordinary team of experts offers extensive solutions that not only solve problems but increase the company’s productivity. We are delivering the best IT Solutions and Services making our clients grow and enhance their business process. Either you are looking for IT solutions or IT service company in dubai than NETLOGIX is here for you. Providing the best IT solutions for your business. 






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