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  For most businesses, offices are where the majority of the work also critical decisions happen. They are structures where your employees can learn and grow on the job—a central hub for your company's productivity. Yet often, the design of offices doesn't get given much thought. If the space is cramped, bland, or simply unsuitable for the needs of your employees, the work produced in them will suffer as a result. After all, as human beings, we are highly reactive to our surroundings from a psychological standpoint. That is why it is crucial to think of your office space as more than just a place to work. It should also promote positive mental health and the growth and development of your company as a whole. Now we will dig a little deeper into the psychology of office design. LAYOUT Your office space could be spread across multiple floors or in a small room. Either way, the layout needs to make the best use of your space. Begin by considering all the different department


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