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  Office Reception Desk Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai UAE Reception Desk is the most basic, Reception area is a section of an office space where you welcome all the visitors and provide a waiting area for them until they are met by the person that they came to meet with. office plus is one of the best Desk suppliers, they use the best quality of material at a very affordable price, You can also buy Reception & Executive Desk Online where you can get it free delivery service. The reception Counter Table is an important piece of an office. We are best  Office furniture Dubai  store in the UAE to purchase  office furniture  at a Wholesale rate. Office Desk is a special type of desk normally in a waiting area in the office that is used for greeting customers, answering the telephone, and scheduling appointments. Modern Reception Desk there are many new Designs available nowadays where you can choose it according to you, there is a lightweightdesk also so you can easily move it, ac

Dubai Desert Safari


The Dubai Desert Safari is an unusual adventure involving driving a big truck through dunes. There are dunes everywhere in the desert, and since they are continually changing, new dunes are always developing. Despite how demanding it is to drive on sand, heavy vehicles like 4 X 4 Land Cruisers are made to handle these dangerous dunes.

Numerous extra activities are included in the Dubai Desert Safari, both in the campground and the desert. Some offered activities include visiting camel pastures, sandboarding, and viewing the desert sunset. Visitors may partake in feasts, sheesha smoking, belly dancing, and Tanura dancing at the desert camp.



The best collection of excursions and beach safaris in Dubai can be found at Magical Dubai. One of Dubai's most recognized tour companies is us. The Dubai Desert Safari, the most stunning excursion in the city, draws visitors. Visitors can choose from many budget-friendly packages by Magical Dubai Tourism. They maximize their trip by taking advantage of Dubai's well-known desert safari.

Any desert safari choice can transport you to a world of breathtaking dawns. Beautiful sunrises (Morning Desert Safari), ethereal sunsets (Evening Desert Safari), or the night sky's starry expanse (Overnight Desert Safari). The best thing is that this enjoyment is reasonably priced. We keep our pricing cheap because we care about your wallet.



Join us on a Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai to see the stunning landscapes of the Arab Peninsula. Live entertainment, the arts, and events will give travelers the most thrilling journey. Then, from the busy metropolis, drive a gorgeous land cruiser towards the peaceful desert after a nice rest break. Stop in the dunes to unwind, enjoy the view, and capture unique moments. Visitors will be welcomed at camp with Arabic tea and coffee in traditional fashion, making them feel at home in the warmth of Arabian hospitality. In addition to these activities, you may ride a camel, see a belly dance performance, sandboard around the dunes, and participate in several other activities while you dine.



You can put all of your issues behind you on this trip. One of the most exhilarating and unusual pastimes is dune bashing. Leave a sand trail as you move across the red dune desert safari. If you go with family or friends, it will be a beautiful experience. You will receive all the tools and safety gear necessary for a safe and enjoyable riding experience from our experts. In Dubai, standard quad biking and desert dune bashing sessions last 45 minutes and 20 minutes; extended sessions can be booked for an additional fee.

We will pick you up and drop you off at any hotel or apartment in Sharjah or Dubai. Relax and have some fun dune-bashing as you ride over the beautiful red dune desert safari. We promise you won't soon forget the experience of taking this vacation. You will learn more about the stunning and distinctive red dunes during our 6- to the 7-hour sand expedition and dune-bashing experience. A highly qualified Safari driver will join you for the 45-minute dune-bashing excursion over the Al Lehbab desert's red dune.



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