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  Office Reception Desk Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai UAE Reception Desk is the most basic, Reception area is a section of an office space where you welcome all the visitors and provide a waiting area for them until they are met by the person that they came to meet with. office plus is one of the best Desk suppliers, they use the best quality of material at a very affordable price, You can also buy Reception & Executive Desk Online where you can get it free delivery service. The reception Counter Table is an important piece of an office. We are best  Office furniture Dubai  store in the UAE to purchase  office furniture  at a Wholesale rate. Office Desk is a special type of desk normally in a waiting area in the office that is used for greeting customers, answering the telephone, and scheduling appointments. Modern Reception Desk there are many new Designs available nowadays where you can choose it according to you, there is a lightweightdesk also so you can easily move it, ac

Top 7 Vape Shops in Dubai | Best Place to Buy Vape Devices

Vaping is the safe and best way to consume nicotine. It helps traditional smokers to quit smoking. 

On 2017 e-cigarettes were introduced to the market, creating a big impact on smokers. Many chain smokers switch from dangerous life to healthy practices with the help of vaping. Because of its benefits, there is more vape shop in Dubai with different type of vapes. 

In this blog post, I'm going to introduce the top 7 vape shops in Dubai to find the best shop for you



Vp dubai king is one of Dubai’s leading vape shops in Dubai providing high-quality products. It has a wide variety of vapes with different flavors.


All products from vpdubaiking are ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) approved.


With more than 3 branches in Dubai, they offer premium quality products at affordable prices. If you are a resident of Dubai you will get your delivery within one day. If you purchase more than 100 AED you will get free delivery.


Vape Shop in Dubai


Disposable shop is the leading disposable vape shop for premium quality vape products at low prices. They have 3 branches in Dubai. They provide a wide variety of disposable vapes and other vape products such as E-liquid, pods and coils, devices, mods, salt nic, and more.


They promise same-day delivery for Dubai residents and you will get free delivery if you purchase more than 250 AED.


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Sipra vape shop is the famous vape shop in Dubai where you can get all types of vape gear. All products they provide are ESMA-approved.


You can buy various products like the Vaporesso Luxe II Kit, SMOK series, Vaporesso Caliburn range, and more. With the vape experts in hand, they provide professional customer service in all your vape problems.


They offer free and fast delivery for all types of buyers. Sipra shop became popular among vape users because of its high-quality product and low price. And with premium quality customer service you will get what you want.


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4. Vape Monkey

The main goal of Vape Monkey is to create a healthy vaping community by providing a variety of designs and flavors with exceptional quality. They consider vaping as a way to premium healthy life.


Vape Monkey provides affordable prices with good customer service. Their products are made to create a thrilling experience of vaping. With the professional team, they will help you to find the best product for your style.


If you are a resident of Dubai and Sharjah, you will get your delivery in just one day. You will get free delivery if you purchase more than 300 AED.



5. King Vape Dubai

King Vape is one of the popular places to get your vape products. With more than 5 years of experience, they provide a wide variety of vape products from high to affordable prices. You will get original quality vape products with ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) approval.


Their main office is located in Dubai. You will get more value with instant customer service and fast delivery. 


If you are from Dubai and Sharjah, you will get your package the next day. Purchasing more than 250 AED will get you free delivery. If you purchase more than 500 AED you will get your package in 1 hr if you are in Dubai and 2 hrs if you are resident in Sharjah.


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6. Yen Vape

Since 2016 they became the leading shop for all vape products. They providing high-quality products of top brands for more than 5 years. Yen Vape is the best shop for all disposable vape products such as Vape kits, E-Juices, pod kits, and more.


You can get a wide variety of products from the best brands in Dubai such as Myle, Voopoo, Nerd Bar, Smok, and More. 


You will get your package on the same day if you are a resident of Dubai and for other emirates delivery will arrive the next day. If you purchase more than 300 AED you will get free delivery.


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7. Joy Vape

Joy Vape is the leading company for providing premium quality disposable vape. They have all popular brands and add new ones regularly. 


Joy Vape works with brands like Smok, Yuoto, Myle, I Love Salts, Dr. Vapes, and more. Thanks to the growing industry they have a passion for new technology in the vape industry. 


With premium quality products they also provide live customer service. They will offer free delivery for purchases of more than 300 AED. If you place an order before 10 pm you will get your delivery the same day.


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What next after finding your favorite vape shops in Dubai

Vapes and E-cigarettes are hot topics in UAE which leads to more shops and a wide variety of products. This will make consumers hard to select their style in the vape industry. 

Now you know the popular vape shops in Dubai, next you should know the popular products in the industry.

Disposable vapes and pod systems are the most popular nowadays in this competitive industry. Try different types to find your favorite style.


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