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              Download the whole workbook or click on the PDF of your choice and you'll get a fun activity you can download. 

              These activities form part of our FOUR  PAWS education manual Close to Animals. 

              Visit Hero In My Hood for more activities, downloads and printouts.

              download activity sheets

              Activity 1

              Where is my home?

              Activity 2

              Where is my mom?

              Activity 3

              Animal groups and gangs

              Activity 4

              Animal baby names

              Activity 5

              Animal talk and feelings

              Activity 6 & 7

              Happy home

              Activity 6 & 7

              Fun picture cut-outs

              Activity 8

              Stray and street animals

              Activity 9 

              Spot the 5 differences

              Activity 10

              Spot the 5 differences

              Activity 11 

              Collect the 5 freedoms

              Activity 12  

              Unseen and unnoticed animals

              Activity 13

              Busy buzzing bees

              Activity 14 

              Lost shadows

              Activity 15

              Counting cats and dogs

              Activity 16 

              Birds in a block

              activity 17

              The walk to freedom 

              Activity 18

              Crack the code

              For more information on the manual and to purchase your very own, please contact Tanya – tanya.van.tonder@four-paws.org.za.

              More fun activities on our #ClickAndLearn page

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