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              Education at LIONSROCK BIG CAT SANCTUARY

              We are passionate about educating children about caring for animals - both big and small, wild and domestic

              The education center at our project LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary is the perfect place to go if you want to know more about our big cats. Our educator Gladys regularly hosts groups of bright young minds and educates them on the behavior of wild animals in captivity and in the wild, and how wild animals should always be respected. Youngsters are also privileged to see the big cats at LIONSROCK from the education center and bridge area close by, and if they are lucky to visit on a feeding day, kids can see how these majestic creatures are fed. 

              If you would like to book a school group to visit our education center, please contact our Education Facilitator Gladys: Gladys.Mokwena@four-paws.org